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Classic Gems NY, Inc. Corporate Officers

Cesar Martinez Jr.
Cesar Martinez Sr.
Master Jeweler

Cesar Martinez Jr. began faceting and cutting stones at an early age.  He quickly established himself as a prominent buyer and seller of all types of gems and jewelry in the diamond district.  Cesar Jr. has worked in the family jewelry business for over 20 years.


Born and raised near the Muzo emerald mine in Colombia, Mr. Martinez Sr. comes from a long line of master jewelers and emerald dealers.  Mr. Martinez graduated from Instituto Tecnico Central, Bogota, Colombia in 1959 as a certified machinist.  He then traveled to New York where he worked as a foreman at Latin Watch Case company from 1969-1979.   Cesar then started his own business to specialize as a model maker and custom designer in New York City’s famous diamond district.


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